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Mission Statement
Tactical Arms is the only one-stop provider of Sales/Service and Training with an Indoor Shooting Range of its kind in all of Connecticut and New England. We are a "State Of The Art" 11 Lane, 75' Pistol/Rifle Machine Gun Rated Indoor Shooting Range Rated up to 3600 fps with a Retail Store and Training Facility. At Tactical Arms we are reliable and committed to serving all of your needs. We strive to offer the highest level of service and quality in everything we do. Please stop by our location at 34 Migeon Ave in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut in Torrington to see us for a Tour or call us at (860) 626-7345.

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Located in the NorthWestern Hills of Venlafaxine online uk and have been In business since 2001.Our mission is to provide the best products and service Possible. Inventory here changes on a daily basis. If there is something that you are looking for and don't see it listed on our site, Email us and we will try to get the product you are looking for. We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

Tactical Arms, LLC
34 Migeon Avenue
Torrington, CT 06790

Ph. 860.626.7345
Fax 860.626.7346
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